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Okay. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited about makeup, EEK! So MAC came out with their Cinderella collection (I'm sure you've all heard by now) and I'm honestly so happy with the amount I managed to pick up considering how fast it sold out! And can we just take a minute to appreciate the packaging please, SO pretty! Overall, I'm in love with the collection! Everything is super wearable so there's nothing too intense or intimidating, the only thing I would say is that it definitely would seem to work better on lighter skin tones so you might want to bare that in mind if you're thinking of picking anything up in store tomorrow!

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Let's have a look at everything individually...

Stroke Of Midnight Palette, £38.50

From left to right: Vapour, Phloof, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Stroke Of Midnight
So the Stroke Of Midnight Palette is probably my favourite product from the whole collection. The only downside is probably the fact that the majority of the shadows are actually permanent shadows by MAC, with Stroke Of Midnight being the only one that is limited addition.

Nonetheless, the way that MAC have combined these shadows together in the palette is beautiful, they all compliment each other so well: Omega and Quarry are the perfect crease/transition shades, Phloof makes a lovely lid colour and Satin Taupe & Stroke Of Midnight work wonderfully to darken up the outer part of the eye if you're after something more dramatic! 

They're all super pigmented and easy to blend, which you should probably expect considering it costs £38.50! 
PS - ignore my brows in the photo below, I'm aware they're in need of a good pluck:')

Lid: Phloof & Reflects Pearl Glitter (see next product) Crease: Omega/Quarry. Outer V: Stroke Of Midnight/Satin Taupe. Lashes: Red Cherry #415

Reflects Pearl Glitter, £18.50

The glitter is not something I intended on buying but I'm honestly so glad I managed to grab it now that I've played around with it! Whilst it is VERY (I mean very) messy and tends to fall out all over your face, it's very easy to work with and build, and once it's on the lid it stays put! 

I love the fact that you can't see the individual specs of glitter, just the shimmer/sparkle when it hits the light!

Beauty Powder - Mystery Princess (Left) Iridescent Powder - Coupe D'Chic (Right), £23

The two powders were something I was 100% determined to get my hands on when the collection came out, and again they didn't fail to impress! 

I was pretty worried at first considering the amount of glitter that Coupe D'Chic has in it, however I used it as a blush to add a bit of colour back into my cheeks and the glitter itself was hardly noticeable and basically added a healthy looking glow and sheen!

Mystery Princess seemed as if it would go the opposite way for me and not have enough of a sheen to act as a highlight for my cheek bones, however it was very buildable and gave a really natural looking glow. It was also perfect to highlight the rest of my face with, which I really enjoyed as a lot of the highlighters I own can be a bit too intense!

To sum that all up, if you're after two natural looking powders, these would be perfect (and let's not forget that the packaging is to die for!)

Royal Ball Lipstick (Left) Free As A Butterfly (Right), £17

The two lipsticks that MAC came out with for this collection are 100% right up my street!

Lustre's are one of my favourite finishes due to the fact that they're super moisturising on the lips (which is useful for me considering my lips are chapped/dry 99.9% of the time).

Let's take Royal Ball first - this is hands down my favourite lipstick of the two. It's a neutral rosy pink/peach shade with a sort of gold sheen to it. I found that both lipsticks have a gold sheen to them, which I haven't seen in MAC lipsticks before. It's really hard to explain but when you apply it to the lips it makes more sense! Royal Ball is the perfect shade for spring and summer for light to medium skin tones!

Free as a butterfly is still lovely but because it's so nude I feel like it will only suit certain skin tones and will probably be less wearable. However if you pair it with a coloured lipgloss, it would look amazing!

Glass Slipper Lipglass, £16 

The last thing I managed to grab from the collection was the tinted lipglass in Glass Slipper (probably my favourite name!)

I have never owned a MAC lipgloss before so I was super excited to try this and I can honestly say I'm in love! A lot of people often say the lipglosses are sticky which is what's put me off for so long, but I really like the consistency and don't find it to be sticky at all!

Glass Slipper is the most interesting lipgloss I've come across, it's almost holographic and turns different colours when the light reflects on it. I paired it with Royal Ball and I can hands down say that the two will be my favourite lip combo throughout spring/summer!


Hope this gave you all some insight into the collection and helped you choose some bits that you might want to pick up tomorrow in store! Make sure you get their early, I have a feeling it will sell out quick, and be sure to comment down below & follow to enter my giveaway (if you've come from YouTube!)

Love Han xo

Hello loves!

So for my first post I thought I'd talk you all through something that I get a lot of questions on, and that's how I clean my makeup brushes. This is 100% the burden of my life but it's something that has to be done regularly to make sure bacteria doesn't build up in the brushes and cause issue for your skin! I'm also going to show you my own SECRET (shh) on how to make the brushes last longer. 

NOTE - You should wash your face brushes at least once a week (I'm often guilty of being lazy and washing them less) and wash your eye brushes every three weeks or when you feel you need to, for example if you do a colourful look!

So the first thing I'll say is that you do not need to buy expensive brush cleaner from MAC or any other brands to get a good clean for your brushes, it costs a lot of money and is pretty unnecessary when other household products do the job! I use either fairy liquid (dish wash soap) or baby shampoo. Fairy liquid is probably better, as it will really disinfect your brushes and get a good deep clean, so that is what I used today!

Step 1:Pour some of your fairy liquid into a dish and get the tap running so that the water is warm but not too hot. You then want to take your first brush and run it under the water before dipping it into the fair liquid directly. If you want, you can pour the product on to the brush head and not use a dish, but for me that's more time consuming! 

Step 2:
Work the soap into the bristles of the brush by using circular motions, swirling it against your hand. You want the soap to form a lather and for the whole brush to be cleaned super deep (finding this hard to explain but I'm sure you get the idea!) You want to do this at a downward angle to stop any water or soap getting into the handle of the brush and loosening the glue!

Step 3: Rinse the brush under the tap until all the soap is gone (you'll be able to tell when there are no bubbles running through the water)

NOW FOR THE SECRET! To help your brushes last longer and to stop them from falling apart, you can use a couple of flannels or towels to create a place for your brushes to dry! I use one as the base and then wrap two others into a sort of cylinder shape for my brushes to rest on. As mentioned before, by keeping your brushes at a downward angle, it prevents any water moving up into the handle of the brush and loosening the glue that holds it together! This is super important, especially if you have inexpensive brushes, for example my ELF brushes often fall apart when I wash them because they're not made as well as some of my others!

You then want to leave them to dry overnight, so it's usually best to wash them at the end of the day when you won't need to use them! I hope this has helped some of you who often ask for a video on washing makeup brushes, pop any of your tips/secrets down in the comments for us all to try too!

Love Han xo

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